the path to satan book, a guide for blasphemy
  • read the path to satan book , and u will enjoy every single blasphemy inside it , practice the instructions and u will join the infernal empire
    the path to satan.pdf
  • Please press on the icon of the attachment , and the book will open in PDF , then u can save it , it's a journey to the greatest blasphemy , fuck Allah
  • This is a good read, but there's not enought about sex and blasphemy. it needs to have a LOT and i mean a LOT more perverted sex.
    Fucking muslims mothers in the ass while they pray namaaz while their hijabi daughters lick my ass.
  • hornydodihornydodi
    Posts: 41
    Yeah I know , it's a satanic book not for sex , but I liked to share it with u , cuz I like this book, and who want to take this path , this book will be a good guide, thanx for sharing ur thoughts
  • Can anyone give me the blasphemous quran with blasphemous stories in it instead of surahs?
  • HibeHibe
    Posts: 55
    بسم الشيطان الرحمن الرحيم قل شيطان احد الشيطان الصمد لم يلد ولم يولد ولم يكن له ل كفو احد
    كيف اصبح ساحر وعابد للشيطان

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