Muharam. Imam Hussein and his sister Zaynab day when Shiites should mourn them.
  • Soon the tragic month of Muharam Shiites, the day of death of the Prophet Muhammad's grandson, and I want to prepare well for this important event, dear and respected infidels and my my Muslim brothers, what are your ideas about this day? Let's get together and humiliate Imam Hussein and his sister Zaynab day when Shiites should mourn them, let them fuck .. Fuck Allah Fuck Quran, Fuck Muhammad Fuck his holy family, Ali, Fatima and Ahl al Bayt
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    I've always wanted someone to start a page just for this. There's not only zaynab don't forget ruqqayah and sukaynah. We should make pics about the holy women being tempted and becoming traitors and then cuckolding the Imams after. Something like this picture. But this picture is not mine it originally belongs to joking hottie. Can you make pics like this?
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    Or even this one this is one of my favourites. The quality is bad but if you could read it, the caption is so hot ❤️
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  • Hajji_Sb
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    Good job.
    I am with you.. Best of luck
  • Well everyone know that Zaynab was masturbating in front of Shimr when she was giving the sermon, she was actually doing a strip dance and all the soldiers took turns fucking her

    Fucking muslims mothers in the ass while they pray namaaz while their hijabi daughters lick my ass.
  • good idea
    lets celebrate fucking of holy family
  • doing sex in their name
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  • Beautiful
  • Ya hussainimage
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  • Ya hussainimage

    Mashlullh momina k lora e akbar khara krny wali randi e deen
  • h
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  • Ambreen said:

    I would like to discuss in detail what actually happened in Karbala. Imam Hussain was infact captured by Shamir and made a cuckold as Shamir made his beloved wife bibi Rubab his personal Fuck Slave as Yazid made Zainab his personal fuck slave and her husband Abdullah a cuckold. I will be writing about this in detail.

    At karbala, I'm sure that Imam Hussain's army was defeated and Hussain was captured, in fact, I believe he was wearing bibi Rubab's clothes and pretending to be a woman when Shamir came into their tent. he fucked Hussain's in his asshole while his wife was made to lick Shamir's ass. Shamir knew this was hussain but he fucked him anyway. Then he led them both outside, stripped them naked and Rubab was fucked by dogs while Hussain watched and wanked his cock.

    Shia and Sunni traditional scholars say that the women of Hussain's family were made to walk without their headscarves, but they are hiding the fact that the granddaughters of the prophet Mohammed were completely naked. And they were running, with their boobs bouncing around. thats why they were fucked in front of their husbands, at Karbala. It is mentioned that Zainab fucked 20 men alone.
    Fucking muslims mothers in the ass while they pray namaaz while their hijabi daughters lick my ass.
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  • hi i am shiaa too if any one want to chat i have only facebook account and it is
  • image
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    love this site 
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  • teek kaha ayesha fatima
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  • h
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    Ooohhhoooohhh paak deendar panjwaqti namazi Zainab ki sachi nurani chut or gand ko kis tara se choda gaya hoga. Unko tilawat karte hue Lund chusaye gaye honge. Or namaazo mein unki paak tight gand me darzano Lund ghusaye gaye honge. Unki paak Ammijan ki gand kon kon marte honge.
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    sexy pics thanks a lot
  • :-q
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