Something special for Ramadan?
  • evil_thought2evil_thought2
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    Ramadan starts in less than a week. Any ideas for something special clips for Ramadan? 
  • i am new in this paradise, i am thinking about cumming in quran.. in 1st ramadhan first time. that will be my gift to allah... but i am hesitating.. i need help...
    please make me do this....i want to cum in quran but i am scared

    someone hellped me yesterday, tried to solve my problem, and he actually did.
    I forgot his name (sorry for this)
    but i want to thank you for helping me..

    i decided what to do for 1st ramadhan. this will be my first fast.. i understood the true islam.
    What i am gonna do is, eat something with my parents at the time of Sehri (we eat something for the fast)
    after that we will sleep.i will wake up in the time of zuhur , take one of my quran. and fuck it in every position. i will cum on its pages and satisfy my soul.....
    i will continue eat and drink , because i dont want to be in this fasting shit.....
    all keep this hidden from my parents who still havent understood the true beauty of Life....
    please suggest how you like my gift for Allah..
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  • Hooy21
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    Mashallah!  may Allah bless you in your godly work! You're doing good! go in the right direction! Hazrat Aisha suck your dick,bro!
  • WetAmina
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    Sounds awesome!
  • I Did IT.
    I wanted to fuck Quran on first of Ramadhan but i couldnt hold it.... 2 days ago when i was home alone , i was watching porn movies. Suddenly i remember of This heaven, I logged in, and i created a pic for my new post....I was so hot after that, I just stood up , grabbed a quran, Took out my pants and just slapped my dick onto the cover.
    Believe me , it was the best moment of my whole life.... It felt so satisfying...After that I opened Surah Maryam and i started to fuck those beautiful words for Maryam...I felt so good.... after that I cum on the page of the quran...I ripped of a page and i cum on it...... IT was Soul Satisfying work....
    I liked it too much that i cum again on the other that......Today Is ramadhan...I have a quran RIght on my dick....Just opened it put my dick in and i am typing it......
    I am gonna fuck this quran again......
    WIth the help of this website...I did the best worship of Allah S.W.T ...

  • Good boy. You should post pictures of how good your cock rapes that Quaran ♥
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  • Maryam
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    Uuuffff ooohhhhhg paak bibiyo ke sath ye kya kya ho raha gai . Aahhh unko buri tara se choda ja raha hai. Unki paak nurani deendar chuto me mote mote habshi lund ghusaye ja rahe hai. Uuffff aaahhhhh.
  • I'd LOVE to see a pic of your erect cock !

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