Discord Server?
  • WetAmina
    Posts: 49
    Would anyone be interested in starting a discord server for blasphemy. Discord is becoming the new king of porn, I think blasphemy needs to be a part of that. Are there any already existing servers?
  • Mohamed95
    Posts: 1
    Hi Amina me and you can set up a discord server if you want please let me know
  • zodiac_zxczodiac_zxc
    Posts: 83
    originally, discord was used by gamers and otakus as a reddit replacement, but yes why not. join here.

  • MrD
    Posts: 16
    Sounds good, I might join, but there is also a good raceplay group (not blasphemy) but there is for arab and indians a section

    Link expires in a day, not my group, but I am a member. I am sure you can find blasphemy play people there too
  • mastermous
    Posts: 9
    Discord Server for anyone interested in all types of porn.

  • Sounds great!! Sign me up
  • mastermous
    Posts: 9

    Post edited by mastermous at 2018-07-14 04:17:32

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