• mommysgirl69
    I would LOVE a 5 minute clip in which 2 lovely Lesbians (1 young & 1 a milf) both engage in fucking aided by an obscene looking strap-on in which they feverishly mouth the following blasphemous obscenities....."fuck you Jesus, cunt kissing son of Mary the cock-sucking bitch of Joseph...!" and the other responds..."Fucking Jesus Christ...I wanna suck your fucking cock while you're dying on the fucking cross !" and then "I heard Jesus begged Mary his mother to suck his cock while he was on the cross !" Why aren't there any clips like this ??? They would make me orgasm every time and I would pay big bucks for them.
    December 4
  • zango999
    please delete rizumy's posts form my thread " Hindu humiliation by females " , i requested in the beginning and made it really clear and requested all the members to NOT post any male pictures in the thread , and yet he posted some disgusting pictures of males and i asked him to remove but he did not , please delete all his posts form my thread ... thank you
    August 2014
  • sweet_blasphemy
    Admin please tell me how can I make a thread to share some pictures? thanks
    August 2012
  • How do I find out what the models limitations are?
    July 2012
  • sweet_blasphemy
    please add muslim hijab girls & koran blasphemy girls thanks
    April 2012
  • admin approved DmVirgin's membership application.
    Welcome Aboard!
    February 2012

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